About us

Executive furniture is a company that started with a simple mission to provide the best wooden furniture in Kolkata to all people at an affordable cost.

In order to do that we started our company in 1999 with the manufacturing of small wrought iron furniture.

After that, we got immense love and support from our customer and our small enterprise became one of the best and largest showrooms and furniture business in no time.

We create the best in class furniture and you can experience that in our state of art showrooms. 

Who We Are

We are known as the best furniture showroom in Kolkata. We earned this reputation because we have been offering best furniture and services to our customers for a very long time. The best thing about our furniture is that we pay minute attention during the furniture design, development and delivery to you home.



Why Choose Us

You may wonder why you should choose us. Well the answer is quite simple, we sell only the best quality wooden furniture in Kolkata, we adopt with latest designs and technology, we can customize as per your need and we offer the best rates for all of our products and services. Along with that we offer best after sales services and above all we are renowned for the last 20 years for our products and services.

What We Do

We make best quality wooden furniture in Kolkata with latest designs. We offer customization for furniture so it can fit well in your available space and we can fulfil all of your specific requirements as well related to your home furniture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality services to all of our customers vial all of our showrooms and service channels. We also believe every household should have the best furniture without spending a lot of money so they can live a luxurious life in their available space. In addition to this we also hope to become the most trusted furniture brand in the country in coming days.